As an observational astronomer, I analyze near-infrared data to constrain statistics on the local population of low mass stars and brown dwarfs to contrain their formation. I am interested in understading the evolution of cool atmospheres across low mass stars, brown dwarfs and giant planets.


Part of my job as a scientist is to make science accessible to women and underrepresented minorities to achieve a more equitable and diverse scientific community. With this goal in mind, I have participated in numerous outreach events, as volunteer and panelist. I have also served as a science instructor in summer camps, both in the US and Latin America. At UCSD, I created a near-peer mentoring program, "mentoring Women in Physics" (mWIP), to connect female undergraduate and graduate students in Physics and provide support to women in their early careers. Recently, I was interviewed by Physics girl about my research in brown dwarfs.

About Me

I am an observational astronomer, originally from Lima, Peru. I earned my BS in Physics at MIT and my PhD at UC San Diego. I enjoy cooking (and eating), traveling, playing the guitar and knitting. I speak Spanish, English, French, and Python.